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Disorganization wastes time and makes a business look incompetent. With DKandE we will get your company running efficiently with great organization skills.


Our clients range from home offices to large corporations with multiple sites. We specialize in organizing and setting up systems for all types of work environments including but not limited to  stockrooms, inventory areas, cages (to reduce shrinkage), emergency supply closets, and the proper disposal of e-waste.  We will help a small business owner organize properly and make running your business easier so they can stop struggling and being overwhelmed.   We organize your business for maximum efficiency and provide help with OSHA and HASMAT regulations!


DKandE will look at your workflow and help you manage information on how your team functions and communicates, what technology you are (or aren’t) using, etc. We will advise improvements and give you a “hands-on” routine that work best for your company.  Our approach to organized business will help you complete the projects in an efficient and timely manner and make your company very productive and successful.

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